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Dr. Cesar Daoud

DPT/TCM Acupuncturist

Chronic Pain - Body & Emotions

Dr. Cesar Daoud is the founder and integrative health practitioner behind bioenergy.

A French/Lebanese doctor in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Posturology. Dr. Cesar Daoud is passionately dedicated to helping individuals attain optimal health, boundless energy, and a life free from pain. His educational journey has taken him through France, UK, China, and Lebanon.

With over 17 years of extensive experience, Dr. Daoud delves deeper than mere symptom management, striving to identify and treat the root causes of dysfunction. His primary focus is to empower patients to embrace lifelong health and well-being, emphasizing not only the treatment of illnesses and injuries but also their prevention.


Dr. Cesar Daoud offers Workplace Health programs, offering transformative solutions that have the potential to revolutionize your organization's performance and elevate your workforce to new heights. His expertise in Ergonomics & Health solutions aims to enhance employees' performance and engagement.


Additionally, Dr. Daoud conducts health conferences & workshops designed to share the latest researches and best biohacking practices aimed at promoting longevity and enhancing overall health. These conferences and workshops incorporate strategies from both Eastern and Western medical practices, along with approaches related to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and Meridian System (MS), all aimed at optimizing both physical and mental health.


Dr. Cesar Daoud passionately devotes his time, skills, and expertise to Chronic Pain Relief while exploring the intricate relationship between the Body & Emotions. Dr. Cesar Daoud is steadfast in his commitment to empowering individuals to achieve and maintain vibrant health throughout their lives.

Dr Cesar Daoud is a member of :
Acupuncture Cyprus Association
Cyprus-France Business Association
Cyprus Business Group

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