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Our physical and mental disorders cause abnormally low activity or over activity of our general health system. In cases of over activity, the body attacks and damages its tissues. Low activity decreases the body's ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to illnesses and injuries.


For example of low activity of our system that can cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is a condition that can greatly impact a person’s quality of life, with the main symptom being extreme tiredness,  to the point of being unable to function or even walk, sufferers may experience:

  • headaches;

  • aching muscles and joint pain;

  • disruption of sleeping and eating patterns;

  • brain fog;

  • dizziness;

  • nausea;

  • a racing heart;

  • pain;

  • sore throat;

  • depression, anxiety

  • and a general feeling of being unwell.


At Bioenergy, we use a range of therapies and protocols based around Chinese medicine, healthy diet, detoxification, changes in lifestyle and complementary treatments supported by science and experience as acupuncture, posturology, stress management, regular exercise, breathwork, lymph drainage therapy and supplements.


Our BioHealth program takes place over 12 weeks of an average of 2 sessions per week, which has had excellent results in treating the concern matter of sufferers.

Please ask for our package price.


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