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At Bioenergy, we understand how frustrating, worrisome, and challenging it can be for couples who face issues of infertility. For this reason, we work to improve the health of both prospective parents with a holistic approach aimed at increasing the chances of conception.

In addition to a hormonal imbalance, other root causes of impaired fertility include emotional instability; blocked nervous system and energy meridians; underlying deficiencies; autoimmunity; inflammation; and impaired digestion and gut health. We know how to address all of these issues so that the body finds balance and becomes more robust and fertile.


Even if a couple has chosen to try IVF, we offer integrative support to help the body function more effectively using our protocols and optimizing sex hormone balance, to give couples the best chances of optimal conception and healthy pregnancy. 


Our BioFertility program takes place over 3 menstrual cycles of an average of 2 sessions per week, which can be supported through natural treatments, stress management, breathwork, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplementation. Which has had very satisfying results in improving fertility.

Please ask for our package price.


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