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Reshape your health mindset through simple daily discipline.

Dr Cesar Daoud

20+ years experience in Integrative Medicine to
support optimal health
Health & Longevity Lecturer

Embark on a journey of empowerment and health transformation with Bioenergy by Dr. Cesar Daoud. Our pioneering healthcare model is dedicated to integrative medicine, longevity, and prevention. Through personalized treatments and active participation from both patients and therapists, we aim to restore the body's self-healing mechanisms.

By blending conventional and alternative medicines, we move beyond symptom management to address the root causes of dysfunction.

Our primary focus is to empower patients to cultivate lifelong health and vitality.

Physical & Mental Health Transformation

Lifestyle Optimization

Personalized guidance on nutrition & hydration, exercise, sleep habits, positive thoughts, breathwork

Comprehensive Care

Throughout health assessments and approaches aimed at empowering individuals towards rebalancing Autonomic Nervous System for optimal wellness

Supplementation Guidance

Tailored recommendations for essential supplements ensuring immunity boosting and integrative health

Whole-Person Approach

Integrative care addressing all factors influencing health, from physical to emotional, social, and lifestyle

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Our Services

Set out on a journey towards enhancing both your physical and mental well-being through our comprehensive services:


Michael R.

“Completely changed my mindset with how to treat my body and acupuncture, was afraid of needles but over came that fear by seeing the results Dr Cesar gave me. Very informative with every procedure he makes on you, Highly recommended.”


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Damaris, Kasou 17, 1086
MediPure, Golgon 50, 3026

+357 99334630

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